Welcome to the Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry

Thanks for your interest in volunteering to serve Texas during this time of unprecedented challenge to our state and citizens. Licensed healthcare professionals and lay persons can register as COVID-19 volunteers to support the state’s public health and medical preparedness response.
This registration system collects basic information about you and your licensure* (if applicable). Upon registration, you’ll be connected to locally organized volunteer agencies.

*Please note: If you need to reactivate a medical or nursing license, contact the Texas Medical Board or Texas Board of Nursing for details, and please complete that process first, before you register to volunteer on this site.

If you want to activate your medical license as an out-of-state provider, visit the COVID-19 Disaster Licensing for Out-of-State Providers and please complete that process first, before you register to volunteer on this site.

Get Started

What to Expect
When contacted about a volunteer activation, you have the option to accept or decline the assignment, determine how far you will travel, and how long you will serve on the assignment.
The call to serve can come at any time in this rapidly evolving situation, so be ready. Thank you for stepping up in support of the state of Texas!

About the Registry
The Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry is maintained by the Department of State Health Services. This registry is a secure database with readily available, verifiable information about each volunteer's identity, qualifications, training, and experience which can be matched to locally organized volunteer needs.